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Integrating E-assessment into your teaching practice is an innovative step. Digital assessment and digital feedback will contribute to the ever-increasing quality and effectiveness of your teaching.
Digital assessment can be a boon to students, teachers, and the organisation as a whole. It is an important contributor to the continued improvement and development of Utrecht University’s organisation and education. Digital assessment is also familiar to today’s highly tech-literate students. Both summative assessments and formative ones, which guide students’ efforts, can be digitised and performed online. The E-assessment subproject aims to select and implement one or more digital assessment tools and to provide a means to perform large-scale digital testing. The goal is to make available a catalogue of digital assessment tools to help the faculties meet their educational and organisational targets concerning assessment. Educational benefits: • higher quality and more diverse assessments • secured tests, results, test products and item banks • reduced dependence on specific times and places for testing Organisational benefits: • a more efficient and secure assessment process • teacher development and reduced workload • improved service to students
Through a European Procurement process, Paragin's Remindo digital assessment software emerged as the optimal choice. A four-year licencing contract for the software was signed in March of 2015. Experience for yourself what Remindo digital assessments can offer by taking a sample test here. Try the sample test
In late February 2015, a facility for performing large-scale digital assessments (up to 480 students at a time) was created in three rooms of the Educatorium. Digital assessments can be performed there safely and reliably using Chromebooks and a secure WiFi network. Pilot programmes were conducted at a number of different faculties (Life Sciences; Veterinary Medicine; Social and Behavioural Sciences; Geosciences; Law, Economics and Governance; University Medical Center) between March and July 2015. All told, 24 large-scale tests and inspections were successfully completed on Chromebooks at the digital assessment facility. In June, UU hosted and participated in the national SURF seminar about large-scale digital assessment where the Chromebooks concept was presented and explained. Would you like to know more? Click the image to read the SURFacademy report.toetsing
When and how can I get started with digital assessment? All faculties will have access to the digital assessment software and facilities from September 2015. Faculties will receive operational support (technical, functional and didactic) from ITS and the Centre for Education and Learning as they implement digital assessment. How do I digitise my test? How do I organise a digital assessment session?
Contact your faculty coordinator for digital assessment. The following people have been designated to provide support for teachers as they implement digital assessment in their teaching practice.
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