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Using e-lectures is a good first step on the way to innovating your teaching practice and offering blended learning. The ‘e-lecture’ category includes knowledge clips, web lectures and other kinds of (video) recordings used to transfer knowledge. Educate-it focuses on knowledge clips that have been enhanced by the inclusion of an assignment because that format best matches the blended learning concept. Educate-it can assist you with three methods of recording e-lectures and knowledge clips and can offer didactic support as well:
  • Recording yourself in a do-it-yourself (DIY) studio
  • Recording yourself at your desk
  • Recording one of your own lectures
A knowledge clip is a short video (usually 5 or 10 minutes) that explains a single specific subject. In preparation for their lectures, students will view a knowledge clip online and complete any included exercises. This ensures they come to their lecture, tutorial or practicum better prepared, which means the subject matter can be discussed in greater depth in class. E-lectures can be implemented as a service (review and training) or as a strategy for innovating education. There are different types of e-lectures you could use in your teaching. The weblectures.nl website, which UU coordinates, has detailed explanations of these various types.
  • Knowledge clip
  • Weblecture
  • Instructional weblecture
  • Blackboard use
  • Enhanced weblecture
•Peer reflective •Social tagging •Live feedback •Student generated clip
The value of using e-lectures in education:
  • More in-depth teaching: the student prepares for class at home with the e-lectures provided, then uses time in the classroom for in-depth learning
  • Increased engagement: students are given (even more) responsibility for their own learning process (anytime, anyplace)
  • Learning analytics: as students interact with the e-lectures, learning analytics can be collected. That data can be used to discover what additional instruction the students need.
  • More accessible (educational) materials: recordings can be shared among teachers and re-used within courses, the curriculum, the university and beyond.
To support educational innovation and the use of blended learning, the Educate-it programme is realising DIY studios in the city centre and in De Uithof. These DIY studios are available to all teachers at the various faculties:
  • International Campus Utrecht, ICU (UCU) grounds, Descartes building, room 2.01
  • University Library Uithof, room 2.48
  • Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, room 1.03
  • Students can use the DIY studio in the University Library Uithof.
  • Studenten kunnen gebruikmaken van de DIY-studio in de Universiteitsbibliotheek Uithof.
Getting started
Educate-it is looking into the possibility of recording knowledge clips at your desk. If you’d like to know more about that, contact project leader Liesbeth van de Grint.
Twenty-two lecture halls allow you to start, stop and save a recording of your lecture. Only the on-screen presentation and your audio is recorded. No video will be recorded of the teacher. Recording your own lecture is possible in the following 22 lecture halls:
  • Bijhouwerstraat 6-8 0.24 hoorcollegezaal
  • Drift 13 0.04 hoorcollegezaal
  • Heidelberglaan 2 / GNL 4-6 Van Unnik Groen hoorcollegezaal
  • Koningsbergergebouw Atlas hoorcollegezaal
  • Koningsbergergebouw Cosmos hoorcollegezaal
  • Koningsbergergebouw Pangea hoorcollegezaal
  • Kriekenpitplein 1 Auditorium 2 hoorcollegezaal
  • Leuvenlaan 19 Educatorium Megaron hoorcollegezaal
  • Leuvenlaan 19 Educatorium Theatron hoorcollegezaal
  • Leuvenlaan 21 Ruppertgebouw Paars hoorcollegezaal
  • Leuvenlaan 21 Ruppertgebouw Blauw hoorcollegezaal
  • Leuvenlaan 21 Ruppertgebouw Wit hoorcollegezaal
  • Leuvenlaan 21 Ruppertgebouw Rood hoorcollegezaal
  • Leuvenlaan 21 Ruppertgebouw A hoorcollegezaal
  • Leuvenlaan 21 Ruppertgebouw 0.40 hoorcollegezaal
  • Leuvenlaan 21 Ruppertgebouw 0.42 hoorcollegezaal
  • Universiteitsweg 99 D. de Wied 1.22 hoorcollegezaal
  • Universiteitsweg 99 D. de Wied 1.30 hoorcollegezaal
  • Yalelaan 1-3 Androclus C.101 hoorcollegezaal
  • Yalelaan 1-3 Androclus C.102 hoorcollegezaal
  • Yalelaan 108-110 H. Jakobgebouw O.0198 hoorcollegezaal
  • Yalelaan 112-114 W.C. Schimmelgebouw 0.051 hoorcollegezaal
Recording your own lecture requires a MyMediaSite account. Manned recordings: If you’d like someone else to come and record your lecture, get in touch with Lecturenet, the university’s recording service.
The Weblectures.nl website (Please note that Weblectures.nl is only available in Dutch) , coordinated by Utrecht University, has many examples and positive experiences from colleagues. The website also offers useful tips for teachers and supporters TIPS FOR TEACHERS                       TIPS FOR SUPPORTERS
Would you like to know more about how to use e-lectures to blend your teaching? Or would you simply like to learn about Blended Learning? The online learning modules developed by Educate-it offer additional information about how you can usefully employ e-lectures to add value to your teaching. Online learningmodules
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