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How do I digitize my test?

4 STEPS TO DIGITISING TESTS IN REMINDO To digitise a test, simply follow these steps: Step 1 The teacher lets the faculty's digital assessment coordinator know that he or she wants to digitise a test and submits a request to administer a digital test in one of the rooms of the Educatorium (Alfa, Beta or Gamma) to the faculty scheduler. (See also: How do I organise a digital test administration?) Step 2 The coordinator discusses the request with ITS Functional Management (though in future this will fall to the faculty's key user). Functional Management contacts the teacher and schedules an appointment for an intake/advisory meeting. Step 3: At this meeting, the teacher and Functional Management will confer about the teacher's needs and wants, the functional capabilities of Remindo, and what role each party will play in the digitisation process. An intake form is used to make sure all bases are covered and the digitisation process is properly documented and secured. Step 4: Preparations begin. The teacher, aided by a functional manager specialising in digital assessment, will receive accounts for the Remindo demo and/or production environment, manuals and various useful 'quick guides' on subjects like: a. Creating questions b. Constructing tests c. Administering tests d. Results and reports e. Analysing tests

See also How do I organise the digital test administration

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